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I'm Haley and I'm pretty lame.  

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breadszeppelin said: literally jealous that you matter enough to get anon hate. next time someone sends you hate link them to me.

Chelsea is mad she isn’t popular enough to get hate and I am. I will totally link them to you bae.

floralshoppe420 said: How can anyone that pretty live with themselves! You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I confused you for a goddess when I saw your display image... got dang are you beautiful! P.S, if any other anon talks shit they gon get hit

You’re so cute. I love you bae :*


Aw, Thanks love

Anonymous said: How can anyone that ugly live with themselves, youre the ugliest girl ive ever seen i confused you for a male when i seen your display image.. absolute filth get off my oxygen

Oh hi, you must be new here. If you’re going to attempt to insult me at least capatlize your words and use apostrophes. I find it rather funny that you’re going to sit behind a computer screen and insult me rather than living your life. Oh wait, you don’t have one so that’s why you’re doing this. Your little bullshit comments don’t bother me. They will never bother me because I will always be better than you. I will be because I don’t go around insulting people anonymously. You are human scum. The type of person you are is what’s wrong with the world today. So quick to judge without knowing me. So, take your sorry ass and get the fuck off my blog you piece of shit.


how many followers do you need before someone orders you a pizza for free